Who is this program for?
Students who want a career in a professional kitchen (restaurant or hotel)
Professional Chefs or entrepreneurs who are keen to master French culinary techniques
People embarking on a career change who want to learn cuisine in the best possible way
Possible careers: Cuisine Chef, restaurant Entrepreneur, Private Chef, Chef instructor, Caterer, Food critic, Food writer, Food journalist, Food stylist, Food photographer, etc.

CCCI offers a unique experience, our graduates will not only master the art of cooking, but will also acquire the know-how to make their dream of becoming a Chef-entrepreneur come true.

✔ Full French Culinary Training 
✔ Available online and on site 
✔ All professional techniques 
✔ Chef's techniques 
✔ Creative Cuisine Culinary Institute Certificate
✔ Food business overview 
✔ Restaurant management guidelines 
✔ Access to the Culinary Encyclopedia 
✔ Creative Cuisine Culinary Institute Membership 
✔ kitchen utensils and knives handling guide 


The profession of cook
- what is a chef
- Squad
- The different forms of catering
- Professional equipment and clothes
- School uniforms
- The qualities of the cook

The qualities of a cook
The professional vocabulary and Culinary terms
Cutlery utensils and Cookware equipment
Cooking vegetables
Types of cooking
Cooking methods
Cooking eggs
- Preliminary operations
how to handle a knife
preparing and cutting vegetables
preparing poultry
preparing fish
preparing the meat
- Sauces
Basic sauces
Emulsified sauces
- garnishes and toppings
Basic creams

Utensils and Equipment
- Cutlery
- Cookware
- Electromechanical equipment
- Kitchen utensils
- professional heavy equipment

Basic cooking techniques
- Preliminary operations
- Processing and cutting vegetables
- Preparing Poultry
- preparing Fish
- low temperature cooking
- preparing Meat
- Vegetable cooking

- Types of cooking
- Cooking methods
- Egg cooking
- Cooking under vacuum
- Meat cooking:
Techniques and temperatures
- Low temperature cooking

- The stocks
- Aromatic liquids
- The sauces
- Basic sauces
- Emulsified sauces
- Emulsions
- Breading 
- Mayonnaise
- Soups
- Soups & broth
- Marinades
- stuffing and duxelles
- Mousseline
- Compound butters
- Vegetable garnishes
- Small garnishes

Basic pastry techniques
- Basic custards
- Basic doughs
- bread
- puff pastry
- pasta dough
- ravioli dough

- The puff pastry
- stand blender 'brisee' shortcrust pastry dough
- stand blender 'sablee' shortcrust pastry dough

Sweets and desserts
- Choux pastry
- bakery (patisserie)
- desserts (entremets)
- bavarois
- mousses
- charlottes
- frozen desserts
- Sweet Sauces and coulis
- Meringues
- Cooking sugar
- Ice creams and sorbets
- Chocolate techniques
- "petits four"

Food business
- Labels and quality
- Grammage table
- Cooking Temperatures data sheet
- restaurant costs and benefits
- Ingredients cost
- The storage
- Price fixing in catering
- Yields, costs, and Menu Organization

- The flavors
(blind tasting game)
- Spices and seasoning

- Food balance
- dietary cuisine
- nutrition

Working/handling/cooking :
- Dairy products:
- Fatty substances
- Flour
- Fruits and vegetables
- Different type of seaweed
- Yeasts
- Pasta
- Rice

Meat, Fish, Eggs
- Meat
- Beef
- Veal
- Lamb
- Pork
- organ meats, offals, giblets
- Poultry
- Game
- fish and raw marinated fish
- shellfish
- The crustaceans
- Raw oysters and shellfish
- Eggs
- Eggs handling specific measures
- Minced meat (burgers)

- 25 Key French recipes



The wheel of tastes, the regions (terroir), the food and wine pairing, the 80 aromas and much more


The True elements for a healthy diet  


ravioles, Raviolis, Fresh Pastas, Gnocchis, Sauces secrets, Sicilian pizza, Sicilian recipes 


The Institute is the World s specialist about The Cuisine from Provence and many uncovered Mediterranean recipes.


The Institute is the only one to develop a such advanced program to learn creativity in cuisine without using molecular cuisine* 
*(Molecular cuisine is a free course in the institute available for any member) 

NATURAL Recipes and Techniques, (Included VEGETARIAN, VEGAN)

There is no reason to don't have a creative, luxury, flavorful, rich experience when eating Healthy food .
Many techniques and recipes to cook Healthy (drying, fermentation,  intensifying flavors, , natural colors and aromas,  and a lot more


elaboration, STORYTELLING, History, French naming, customer logic, trends,  


The Chefs from the Creative cuisine culinary institute have a strong Asian influence and knowledge (Taiwan, Japan,).


Interactive Quizzes
step by step
photos and videos
Techniques and method
All levels
We are on the way to make all our programs/curriculums and courses fully available online

Duration : your pace
available from everywhere on any device : Yes
Creative Cuisine Culinary Institute Certificate : Yes
See our online courses and check for new courses


New Taipei City TAIWAN


How much is the complete french cooking professional program?

The Full package is 19,000$ including accommodation, certificate, courses, all access campus facilities, internet, administrative fees.

How long does it take?

10 months  

Is the program available online?

the program is already available online for our residents, it's going to be open to the public soon (before January the first 2021) 

Will I become a Chef upon completion of the program?

Absolutely, the program is designed for this purpose

Can I enroll if I am under 18 Years Old?

You can not apply for on-site curriculum and for online courses, but your parents or someone responsible can buy online program and monitor your practice.

Are There Prerequisites Or Things I Need To Learn Before Enrolling?

No! All of our courses are introductory and meant for beginners without any backgrounds.

Do The Courses Guarantee Credit?
Does This Guarantee I’ll Be Accepted At An Eventual University?

No, they don’t guarantee that universities and colleges will accept the courses for credit. The option to grant credit always belongs to the college or university and will depend on other credits you may have earned, your previous education background, and other individual factors. CCCI is not a university and does not and cannot “grant credit”. There is no International Diploma, all countries have their laws, standards and educational regulations, in consequence nobody can guarantee that your background education level is suitable for the studies you would like to access in the future in any country, AND we can not guarantee that our programs are going to be recognized in the equivalence of qualifications level or diploma of any country's educational system .

Do the Professional Program provide a certificate?

Yes, for both on-site and online programs, the creative cuisine culinary institute is going to give you a certificate upon completion.
CCCI is the only accredited online culinary program in France, by the French Committee of Culinary Education FCCE.

If I Just Complete One Or Two Courses, Could I Still Obtain a Certificate ?

Yes! Each course has its own Certificate. You don’t have to take all of them, just the ones you’d like.

Do I have to pay my tuition all at once or do I have other options?

For the on-site package you can pay monthly for a little extra
For the online program you need to pay in once

Do I need a computer for the online courses?

No you can access and use the courses from any device, tablets, mobile phone, laptop, as long as you have an internet connection.

Do I need to purchase books or other materials?

For the on-site program, yes you will need to purchase some professional clothes and some knives.
For the online program, it is designed to be done with standard kitchen equipment
*For both programs, you will be guided

What cooking equipment is required for the course?

For the on-site program, all professional equipment will be provided.
For the online program, it is designed to be done with standard kitchen equipment and appliances.
*For both programs, you will be guided

Do I have to apply for a visa?

Yes for the on-site (regular classroom-based teaching), the visa can be canceled if you are not coming to the classes.
Of course no need visa for online courses

The program requires an industry externship?

Most of the programs requires a 6-week industry externship,
at Creative Cuisine Culinary Institute, the accent is given to freedom, we consider that you are doing this training for your reasons, so you don't need a internship proof, ("if you plan to be your own boss, you would certainly prefer to use your time to develop your own business")

Do you offer discounts?

Only the online program offers some discount (this year for the new program launch)

Why Choose Online? which one is better?

Both content are identical and serious, the difference is the freedom;
only the online program gives you the flexibility or the freedom to:
work at your pace,
be able to travel and learn from anywhere
to start, stop and finish the training whenever you want,
work at the same time
develop or run your business or project at the same time.
you can work in your company at the same time or run your business, or take care of your kids, you are free of your progression pace.
eventually if your plan is to mix holidays and cooking courses, the on-site program or on-site workshops could be a good option.

Can I really learn how to cook online?

The answer is a resounding yes! CCCI have worked for more than two years specifically on that point and went even further, not only to learn to cook properly, but also become a proper accomplished Chef, all from online courses.
through our videos, photos, chef-instructions, courses, all the techniques and methods taught in the French professional culinary schools becomes accessible.
ALL our online students are now running a successful restaurant or food business, and must be called "Chef"..

Can I find french cooking classes online from other sources?

You can find a lot of classes and courses online, even for free on youtube, but none are offering complete traditional classic french culinary base education, (and most of them are a partial copy of the original recipe, some are completely wrong, even so they look nice),
They won't give you the necessary understanding of the classic bases to be an accomplished chef.

Can I learn to cook with Youtube ?

There are lots of recipes available on YouTube, however, you could cook them all without ever becoming a good cook, let alone a chef.

How do I get graded on my cooking assignments if the instructor is not there to see it or taste it?

to ensure you are getting accurate feedback and grading. You will have to answer simple questions in Quizzes, and at some points, you can send us pictures of your preparations: (when you are realizing the recipe, take pictures of the steps and the dish; example: a picture of the Ingredients, a picture before and after baking, a picture of your food plated.)
After you’ve submitted your pics, our chef educators will carefully review your quizzes, pictures and validate your level


Our chefs and chefs students are displaying some of their creations on this instagram account (the playground) let's have a look 
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